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Guru Gene is a Spiritual Healer of the Body, Mind and Soul. He is Psychic of time and space. The Indians in Peru and the people of Brazil refer to him as a “White Shaman” and the Magician. He is famous in all parts of the world from the Himalayas to the Amazon, throughout Europe and now here in America residing in the Chicagoland Area.

Guru Gene as healed thousands of people with all kinds of illnesses with the great talent he has been so gifted with. There is never any magic or spells, no instruments of any kind, just the amazing healing powers of the Holy Spirit which he acquired about 20 years ago. He is also a Psychic, who can predict any forthcoming illnesses up to twelve (12) months before they originate in the body.

 As a young boy, talented in Music and the Arts, he observed in his dreams different situations that would end up happening to his family and friends. Unfortunately, his warnings were ignored by his parents that would always explain his visions as some sort of fantasy… until these “fantasies” turned out to be real.

Guru Gene had a hard life path. He was extremely ill and has lived through a clinical death. It was at the point that multiple visions of Archangel Gabriel and The Holy Spirit itself had emerged. The message to him was crystal clear, “YOU WILL HELP THOSE IN NEED AND THOSE IN DIFFICULT SITUATIONS”.

Even in poor health Guru Gene has completed Conservatory of Opera McGill based in Montreal. He has worked as an opera singer and an artist of sacral painting and jewelry. In his work, once again, Archangel Gabriel and The Holy Spirit have appeared to him with yet another crystal clear message, “IN MY NAME YOU WILL HELP THOSE IN NEED”.

For those who have traveled many a miles from all different parts of this earth, whether it is because of their curiosity or even infatuation with Guru Gene’s miracle work, all have a very common response. After one visit to his gallery, once in the same room with Guru Gene they have all felt and spoken of a strong energy. It is this spiritual energy which has helped them remove any pain and/or symptoms that had been ailing them.



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